Game farm demand rises as breeding industry grows

PUBLISHED 27 OCT 2015   

Increasing interest in the excellent returns to be made in the wildlife and game breeding sector is proving to be a strong driver of farm and game ranch sales in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.  

That’s the word from Joop Coetzee, owner of the RealNet Plotte En Plase Noord franchise, who says: “The game breeding industry is attracting entrepreneurs who see the potential for high profits - and the return on investment in this sector is substantially higher than cattle farming, for example.  

“In addition, the sector is growing and becoming more established thanks to the input of experienced game breeders who are able to provide quality animals to potential buyers at live and catalogue auctions.”  

He says that serious farmers and investors are also not allowing themselves to be influenced by rumours and negativity about land appropriation issues, and are definitely still purchasing both crop and stock farms.  

Coetzee’s listings include a range of exceptional properties, most of which have beautiful topography, koppies, dams, streams, boreholes and extensive improvements. These days farmers are going off-grid with solar panels and wind turbines, so electricity is not usually a consideration, although many of these farms do already also have Eskom electricity, he says. Examples include:  

*A 134ha private game reserve populated with impala, blesbok, zebra and blue wildebeest, which is priced at R25m.  

*A 1088ha game farm priced at R18,5m which is situated near Pretoria and overlooking the city. It includes a weekend home, helipad, swimming pool and herds of giraffe, impala, zebra and eland.  

*A 354ha game farm in Modimolle (Nylstroom) with giraffe, nyala, kudu and blue wildebeest which is priced at R8,9m. There is a river running through this property, which contains two houses.  

Other investment opportunities, he says, include farms and large stretches of vacant land along Lynnwood road extension to the east of Tshwane. “These properties can be subdivided and sold off at a substantial profit, as the country lifestyle within easy reach of Pretoria is in high demand.  

“We are currently marketing a 21ha property in Mooiplaats, for example, which has provisional subdivision in place and a large house with electric fencing. It borders the Pienaar’s River and is on offer at R6,35m.”  

Generally, Coetzee says, prices for farming land in this area now start at around R15 000/ha for 1000ha, R10 000/ha for 2000ha and R6500/ha for 3000ha. Vacant smallholdings measuring 4,2ha can be purchased for R650 000 and upwards, while prices for 10ha smallholdings start at around R2m.